Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ex-gay.cure your gay

I am sick to my stomach reading about these ex-gay camps that the religous nut jobs have started.if i could i would break in a liberate the poor unfortunate people who end up in them.I am a racial and i think its time to fight back.letter righting and phone calls are not working we need to fight.not only for the people in Ireland but the LGBT community all over the world.People still get killed for been gay in some countries and i don't think some off these little bitchy gay packed with fake tan and the same shit haircut who look down on everyone know that and i think they should be reminded that only a few years ago it was illegal to have sex with a man.I'm sick of hearing gay people on the radio saying i don't want civil marriage because they don't want to get married.So what if you don't but maybe your friends do or maybe you should just fight for your rights even though you might never use it.STAND UP AND FIGHT.

We need to stop the homophobes now.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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