Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ex-gay.cure your gay

I am sick to my stomach reading about these ex-gay camps that the religous nut jobs have started.if i could i would break in a liberate the poor unfortunate people who end up in them.I am a racial and i think its time to fight back.letter righting and phone calls are not working we need to fight.not only for the people in Ireland but the LGBT community all over the world.People still get killed for been gay in some countries and i don't think some off these little bitchy gay packed with fake tan and the same shit haircut who look down on everyone know that and i think they should be reminded that only a few years ago it was illegal to have sex with a man.I'm sick of hearing gay people on the radio saying i don't want civil marriage because they don't want to get married.So what if you don't but maybe your friends do or maybe you should just fight for your rights even though you might never use it.STAND UP AND FIGHT.

We need to stop the homophobes now.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

brenda power strikes again

As you know that venomous bitch Brenda power is trying to get more publicity on picking on Panti and the fight for civil rights.Brenda power says that because we dress in little or no clothes on gay pride(which was fucking roasting BTW) that we are unfit to marry and have kids.UM BRENDA HELLO !!!!!!!!!!! go to town on Saturday night and look at the straight girls and women wear belts as dresses and a bit of string for knickers,i bet if you went home with them they have 3 or 4 kids.Are they unfit to be parents or what about the men who dress up for stags or anyone who dresses up on Halloween are they unfit parents.Brenda power hasn't got a fucking clue what she is talking about.She got some airtime on radio and is striving for more attention.So she ridicules the gay community ad the fight for civil rights so she can get more attention.Should we ignore this bitch or should we use the anger she gives us to fight harder for civil rights ???I think its time to fight !!!!!!!!1 Its time to stop writing about it on facebook and our blogs (which i know that I'm doing) and stand up and fight.last weeks rally outside the Dail was dismally disappointing!!!!!!!! it was more like the smoking area of the George than a rally.A lot of people said to themselves oh i showed my face I'm out of here.And the only reason i knew it was on was that my friend told me about it.All the groups fighting for civil rights should work together and post on there pages if the other one is having a rally.

We say that 8 out of 10 people support civil marriage,why don't we not show there support selling badges,stickers,t shirts etc saying they do.Why dont we go to businesses and get them to take ads out saying they support civil marriage and the ones that don't we boycott.You might think this might b to extreme but its time to get extreme YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHTS !!!!!!!!!!!!! If you agree with me send me an email or add me on facebook and we can do something together.Thanks for reading

Monday, July 6, 2009

civil partnership can fuck offffffffffffffffffffff !!!!!!!!!!!!

Um lemme see,gay marriage is the big issue that everyone is talking about lately but that's all they seem to be doing apart from will st ledger the only man with balls in the gay community at the moment.We should b more like will.we shouldn't have our rallies outside central bank,we should have them outside the dail when its in session.We should organise a all country advent where the main cities are i.e Galway,Waterford,cork,Dublin and Sligo all on them same day.If we can get thosands off people to march down O' Connel street then why not have them march outside the dail.We are thousands of people lets remind the government that.lets show them that we arn't all jack MC Farlines and Alan CarrsYou just don't tell us this is what your getting like it or not.fuck that shit and fuck the government.they say its against the Constitution well fuck them,I've read it and it says nothing about marriage and doesn't define what a family is.,its just a bunch of homophobic cunts afraid of change.In the current shite that the government is in i think they should stand down and new young people should take over the country.The old bastards in the country arn't looking to the future because half them are 80 and only have a few years left so they wont be changing anything soon !!!!! Another thing that pisses me off is that on any discussion or panel there is somebody from the church.It has nothing to them so why don't they fuck off,right i want to get married but I'm a atheist so i don't want to go into there church and get married.the only thing i would ever go into a church for is to take a dump on the alter !!!!!! lol which i not saying I'm going to do but you get what I'm saying.The main thing that gets to me is everyone saying "oh yeah the civil rights rally,I'll be there and they don't fucking turn up.You know who i mean the guys and girls are mad for it on a Saturday night but when all the drinks gone and the party's over and they have to grow up and act like an adult they fucking stay in bed and then complain about the outcome.Saying things"if i was there it would of been different'.Well you didn't turn up so you can fuck off complaining.The gay community needs to get off there holes and fight for their rights like senator David Norris,Panti and the other members of LGBT noise and equals.Lets do as there name says lets making some fucking NOISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been bullied by these assholes for to long,its time to fight for our rights.Just remember its called a fight for a reason so lets roll up our sleeves and get a blood nose or two,just as long as its the government left knocked out face down in the dirt .