Sunday, July 12, 2009

brenda power strikes again

As you know that venomous bitch Brenda power is trying to get more publicity on picking on Panti and the fight for civil rights.Brenda power says that because we dress in little or no clothes on gay pride(which was fucking roasting BTW) that we are unfit to marry and have kids.UM BRENDA HELLO !!!!!!!!!!! go to town on Saturday night and look at the straight girls and women wear belts as dresses and a bit of string for knickers,i bet if you went home with them they have 3 or 4 kids.Are they unfit to be parents or what about the men who dress up for stags or anyone who dresses up on Halloween are they unfit parents.Brenda power hasn't got a fucking clue what she is talking about.She got some airtime on radio and is striving for more attention.So she ridicules the gay community ad the fight for civil rights so she can get more attention.Should we ignore this bitch or should we use the anger she gives us to fight harder for civil rights ???I think its time to fight !!!!!!!!1 Its time to stop writing about it on facebook and our blogs (which i know that I'm doing) and stand up and fight.last weeks rally outside the Dail was dismally disappointing!!!!!!!! it was more like the smoking area of the George than a rally.A lot of people said to themselves oh i showed my face I'm out of here.And the only reason i knew it was on was that my friend told me about it.All the groups fighting for civil rights should work together and post on there pages if the other one is having a rally.

We say that 8 out of 10 people support civil marriage,why don't we not show there support selling badges,stickers,t shirts etc saying they do.Why dont we go to businesses and get them to take ads out saying they support civil marriage and the ones that don't we boycott.You might think this might b to extreme but its time to get extreme YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHTS !!!!!!!!!!!!! If you agree with me send me an email or add me on facebook and we can do something together.Thanks for reading

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